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The Paw Press

The “Paw Press” was started in September of 2009, when two editors and two parent advisors met in the library of Trinity Catholic Academy to discuss the starting of a newspaper.  The paper started by holding a contest to name the paper.   The name “Paw Press” won the vote.  Two representatives were chosen from each classroom in grades 4-8 along with a treasurer by the editors.  Later in the year a sports editor was chosen.  Meetings were held in the Library every other Tuesday during lunch with the representatives to plan out the first issue.  The first issue in December was only one page, so it was decided the newspaper needed a better system for collecting articles.  One way was by putting “mailboxes” in each of the classrooms and the library so students could submit articles.  By doing this, the February issue of “Paw Press” was four pages long and cost $.25.  The last issue of the year was up to six pages! We were on our way!

In 2010 it was decided to allow the students in grades 3-8 to vote for one representative instead of the editors choosing two.  Article deadlines and sales were made over the intercom and with notices sent home in the brown envelopes.  The meeting schedule changed to after school meetings every week with editors, treasurer, and advisors present.  Once a month class representatives are present at the meetings.

The first edition of Volume 2 was published in October 2010.  The purchase price was changed to $.50 to cover the cost of printing.  “Paw Press” still needs articles and is always looking for new ideas.

“Paw Press” is the students’ paper.  The school is proud of this publication and encourages all to take part in its future.