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Physical Education

Mrs. Maura A. Power, Physical Education

My lessons emphasize life long fitness and the love of movement no matter what the students abilities.  Positive attitude, willingness to try and best effort make everyone a winner.  Students are exposed to individual and team sports throughout the year.

The daily lessons plan consists of warm-up activities and two P.E. leaders.  Warm up includes cardio and core training.  Monthly the activities change so students can work their bodies in different and fun ways.  P.E. leaders help with attendance, leading in activities and games, and assisting in demonstrations along with equipment set up and break down.


Fitness assessment is done on all students.  Emphasis is on success and growing bigger and stronger from year to year.
In October, many students, teacher and parents register to run a fun run 1 mile race.  So, for the month of September a running training happens two days a week during part of recess.  This creates team/school spirit and support.  The money from the race goes to Rehabilitation Resource Incorporated in Sturbridge.  An Assembly by RRI helps our students see what a difference their participation can make in the life of someone with limitations.
Health and fitness journals are passed out to 5th and 6th graders.  10% of their writing grade is based on this journal.  There is great information on food, exercise and journaling.  This book help to put a focus on choices they are starting to make on their own.


The physical education classes participate in the Bay State Games Fitness Challenge.  This is an opportunity for the school to possibly get a $500 grant.  All classes must work for at least 30 minutes with the emphasis on cardiovascular work.  Some themes we use are recess games, tag games, dances and aerobic circuits.  The students are made aware of all of the other schools across the state participating as well as the health benefit of exercise.


The Phys. Ed. Department host the winter games during catholic schools week.  This is a school wide competition for the entire day.  Class vs. class and students vs. students.

  • The department also take part in the Jump Ropes for Heart campaign hosted by the American Heart Association.  In February, each class jump for 40 minutes, individually or collectively.  They raise money and their heart rate.  The students work in teams.  A donation to the American Heart Association is given.
  • In June, we have our field day full of fun and adventure at Camp Foskett in Charlton, MA.  The students are bussed out in the morning.  There is project adventure for 4th 8th.  There are relays and water games for K-8th.  8th grade has a special race of clues to find the hidden treasure.  Special t-shirts are designed by each grade for this event

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