Trinity Catholic Academy, a Pre-K to Grade 8 school, promotes academic excellence, athletics, and the arts with respect,compassion, and service among our diverse family, inspired by the communion of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday


History of Trinity Catholic Academy

The first Catholic school in the Southbridge area was opened by the pastor of Saint Mary’s Parish, Fr. John Drennan invited the Sisters of Saint Joseph to teach in the former Saint Peter’s church in 1889. For almost forty years the reconditioned church served as the parish school. In 1936, Fr. Mullins, the pastor of the parish then completely renovated the school, providing such modern conveniences at the time as electric lights and clocks. In the years that followed there were double grades for the elementary school on the first floor and the high school occupied the second floor, complete with a science lab housed in a tiny room over the main doorway.

The next major change came in 1959 when the parish broke ground next to the school in what had been used as a ball field to build a modern high school. The new Saint Mary’s High School welcomed its first students in 1961 and the first class completely through the new school graduated in 1964. The following year the school merged with Notre Dame High School and was known as Marianhill High School, a diocesan institution.

In 1988, Marianhill High School and Saint Mary’s Grammar School, along with the recently opened Saint Mary’s- Marianhill Junior High School merged into a single institution to be run by the diocese. These three schools now a unit were obviously named for the Trinity: Trinity Catholic Academy. For various reasons, among them financial, the high school closed in 1991. The following year the grammar school moved into the high school building and eventually out of the home it had known for over a century. That building was tragically lost in fire in December 1999. However, the power and gift of Catholic education is solid and strong in the building that now houses Trinity Catholic Academy.