Trinity Catholic Academy, a Pre-K to Grade 8 school, promotes academic excellence, athletics, and the arts with respect,compassion, and service among our diverse family, inspired by the communion of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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Grade 8

Eighth graders are continuing with their leadership role in the school.  They are paired with the Kindergarteners as part of our buddy program.  The buddies do many things together but mostly the Eighth graders welcome the Kindergarteners and their families into the Trinity Catholic Academy family.   Older students help the younger ones become oriented with the school by giving a tour on the first day, helping them with lunch for the first few weeks and sitting with them at our masses.  They participate in community building activities like going apple picking together, decorating pumpkins, helping with the jump rope-a-thon and many more.

Their leadership role extends beyond their buddies to school wide.  They work with the Seventh graders as leaders of Tribes, a program developed to unite the entire school community.  They are responsible for leading the students in their tribe in different activities.  They are also in charge of the recycling done in the school.  They are looked upon as the student leaders and are held to that standard in all areas.

Students in grade 8 are expected to continue ownership of their academic progress.  They are held to high standards in preparedness for class and the development of their work habits.  They direct their own parent/teacher/student conferences being able to give voice to their strengths and weaknesses.

They are applying to high schools if they are choosing not to go to public.  A high school night is offered at Trinity for students in 7th and 8th grade with their parents to meet with representatives of area high schools.  Trinity is proud to have students who are prepared to go onto any high school of their choosing!

Students are encouraged to get involved in school activities that interest them.  There are sports, social and academic offerings with a wide range of interests.  Students are also encouraged to form new groups if there is interest.

The culmination of this year is activities such as an overnight retreat, a class trip and graduation.

Eighth Grade Team

Ms. Casey  (Homeroom)

Welcome to 8th Grade at Trinity!  Know that this will be a year filled with many memories.  You will have Kindergarten Buddies, dances, sports, fundraisers, retreat, the class trip, graduation and many more fun times. There will be a lot of expectations on you, and as a class, as the new leaders of the school.  How you handle this responsibility is entirely up to you.  You cannot change the past; you can only change the future.

Eighth grade Science is a challenging curriculum that begins with discovering hurricanes and tracking their movements.  The science of force and motion are introduced.  The reality of hurricanes really makes science come alive for the students in a year where science is mostly microscopic.

This year science is matter and elements, chemicals and what they do and how they work.  All the components of energy are also discovered.  Class time focuses on notes and discussion while the reading of the material is generally left to the students.  This is the first time where students have pop quizzes and many announced quizzes to aid in the understanding of the material.  Class participation is not only encouraged, it is vital to the students’ grasp of the subject matter.

Science is an area where we play and discover, an area where being wrong can lead to new discoveries, and an area where questions begin the scientific process.  The Diocese of Worcester has implemented a science curriculum of three major subject areas per year.  In Eighth Grade we delve into Chemical Interactions/Phase changes/Mixtures, Forces/Motion, and Energy: light/thermal/electrical/energy conversions.

Every other year, we have a science fair in which students work by themselves or in a team for several months on a project of their choosing.  It is a project based on a scientific method.  Students have the opportunity to work in an area of interest, work on a long term project and share their results with judges in order to gain public speaking skills and self confidence in sharing their work.

As with all the other grades at Trinity, students participate in weekly mass which is the basis of our faith and our mission statement.

The 7th and 8th graders work together on Morality. It is a two year course that focuses on all the facets of morality. Many tools are used including class discussion, lecture, movies and student led questions.

As a group, they participate in The Stations of the Cross during Lent. They work together on the Stations Project which has the students recreating the Stations for the whole student body on Holy Thursday.

Prayer and a relationship with God are the goals for the students at the end of the course.

Ms. Todd

Grade 8 English focuses on grammar.  Extensive work is done with the eight parts of speech, compound and complex sentences, subject and verb agreement, verbals, and punctuation.  Students are expected to apply these lessons in their writing.  Compositions are assigned every other week.

In addition to grammar lessons, students are assigned a two week long vocabulary unit. The test at the end of each unit is comprised of spelling, definitions, synonyms and antonyms, and words in context.

A research project is required in eighth grade. Students are taught how to research a subject, form a bibliography, and cite sources. Topics are alternated yearly between Science and Social Studies.

While studying biographies in Literature class, eighth grade students are assigned a partner. Each student writes a biography about the other.  How to conduct an interview is explored along with the development of interview questions.  Students are encouraged to request photographs and any other appropriate items to use in their biographies.

Students begin with summer reading selections.  In eighth grade two books are required.  One book is Night by Elie Wiesel.  This book is also used as a discussion tool in Social Studies when the Holocaust is studied.  The second required book is Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry.  Once discussion is completed, students choose a chapter in this novel and put together a video. Costuming, scripting, musical scores, and filming are all done by the students.  Students are also required to choose one other book from a choice of three and write a book report.  The choices change yearly.

Grade 8 Literature exposes students to the various genres available to them.  Short stories, non-fiction selections, fairy tales, poetry, drama, and novels are read and discussed during this year.  Videos are shown to introduce authors to students and to compliment a short story or novel.  Grade 8 students are assigned nine book reports for the year. These reports take the form of written, oral, designing or creating different projects, and a power point presentation.

Two novels are read in class this year.  Messenger by Lois Lowry, wraps up the trilogy of The Giver (read in seventh grade) and Gathering Blue (summer reading). The second novel is Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Both novels are examined thoroughly with emphasis put on characterization, setting, plot, and theme.

Mr. Adams

The Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum continues where 7th grade leaves off, beginning with Ancient Rome and continuing through to the Renaissance and Reformation.  Students study the growth of civilization and the themes and trends that affect its people.

Mrs. Colello

Grade 8 students will take Pre-Algebra Part II.  Students will study data analysis, two and three-dimensional geometry, probability, relations and functions, and polynomials.  Periodic cumulative review assignments are given to ensure that students don’t lose the skills they have acquired while focusing new skills.  Problem-solving and test-taking strategies are built into the curriculum, enhancing students’ critical thinking skills and their performance on standardized tests.

Grade 8 students may be placed into math groups.  All 8th graders will take Pre-Algebra Part II.  Those who have achieved all of the following may be placed in a math group that will also study some Algebra I topics.

  • Final average of at least 86% in Grade 7 Pre-Algebra
  • Terra Nova Composite Math Score of at least 75
  • Recommendation from their Grade 7 teacher indicating the student has demonstrated a strong work ethic, consistently completed homework, and displayed the ability to master Algebra course material

The separation of the 8th Grade class into math groups is done to allow each student to develop to their potential in mathematics and to optimize each student’s readiness for high school math courses.  Placement in the Algebra study group is contingent upon ongoing acceptable performance.  The Algebra study group is not a complete Algebra I course.  Graduates should expect to be placed in Algebra I or Algebra I Honors upon entering High School.

Mrs. Grant

Grade eight students will continue with vocabulary, questions, jobs, numbers past 100, body parts, and reading and writing complete conversations using their lexicon.

Students in all grades will also be introduced to traditional Spanish celebrations like Dia de los Muertos at the beginning of November, Posadas at Christmas and Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5th.

Student will have the basic knowledge to be able to succeed in Spanish I in high school