Trinity Catholic Academy, a Pre-K to Grade 8 school, promotes academic excellence, athletics, and the arts with respect,compassion, and service among our diverse family, inspired by the communion of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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Grade 2

Second grade is where beginning skills are strengthened and expanded, where self-confidence is fostered and developed, where the child’s responsibilities in the learning process are stressed, and where the child begins to learn to set priorities.  You should see growth in your child’s reading, writing, and mathematical skills.  This is also a year of expanding social awareness. Peer approval becomes increasingly important at this time.  Second grade brings satisfaction to individual children as they become more independent learners.

Reading is an enormous part of a second grader’s life. Students are instructed and practice in fluency, vocabulary development,
comprehension and analysis, reference/study skills, and literary elements.  Classroom reading includes self-selected reading, individual reading, partner reading, group reading, and reading aloud to the class as a whole. Students respond to the text through discussion, dramatization, various projects, and activity sheets.  Students participate in the Reading Count Program for independent reading.

The students continue to transfer their reading skills to writing conventions by using their knowledge of word structure and phonics to spell words. They learn the various types and structures of sentences. The grammar portion includes the study of nouns, verbs, adjectives, abbreviations, and contractions. Proper use of punctuation and capitalization is also addressed. They apply to their writing what they learn about sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics throughout the year.  Various writing strategies are explored and applied, including narrative, descriptive, and expository writing. A highlight of the writing program in second grade is the introduction to cursive!

Through the use of various manipulatives, several hands-on activities, and paper/pencil work, the students are introduced to, develop, and master several mathematical concepts. The second grade mathematics program focuses on mastering addition and subtraction facts, numbers and patterns to 100, data and graphing, money to $1.00, adding and subtracting two-digit numbers, Geometry, fractions, probability, measurement, time, and calendars. They are also introduced to multiplication, division, numbers and patterns to 1,000, and adding and subtracting three-digit numbers. Problem solving and various assessments are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Second Grade social studies helps the students appreciate the past events and people that contributed to our history and helps them to understand the social world around us.   During the year they read several of the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborn and Scholastic News to learn about different time periods of history.  Map and globe skills are strengthened. Past, present and worldwide communities are studied. Basics of our government, our country’s symbols, holidays and natural resource conservation are reviewed.  In June the second grade visits Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower II for their culminative activity for their unit on the Pilgrims.

In second grade the students study the human body, animals, insects, plant life, laws of motion, properties of weather and the Solar System. They watch and study the life cycle of butterflies or ladybugs. During the year in science in health we discuss how students should take care of their bodies, the use of good manners and the importance of personal safety. The class explores individual units through demonstrations, hands-on activities, discussions, observations and field trips.  Some of the field trips that second grade take during the year are visiting an apple orchard, the fire station, police station and movies like (Earth, Oceans).

Second grade students develop a meaningful prayer life, memorize scripture, locate various passages in the Bible, and apply Biblical principals to everydaylife. We aim to live as Jesus did! In addition, they study a variety of importantpeople in both the Old Testament and New Testament.  Every year in October the second grade leads the Prayer Service for Saint Francis “The Blessing of Animals”.  During the prayer service they put on a small skit about Saint Francis. During the year the second grade does several service projects such as collecting toys for a children’s hospital, pennies for Haiti, and cleaning the church for Easter and Christmas.

Homework will become a regular, important aspect of your child’s education in the 2nd grade. Homework for 2nd graders will average 20 to 30 minutes per night. To help your child most effectively, be available to answer questions, but don’t correct her work. If you see a mistake, point out what she might want to try again. Ask questions like, “Can you show me what you did to get this answer?” If she can’t get it on a second try, leave the problem uncorrected so the teacher will know that your child needs help in that area.