Trinity Catholic Academy, a Pre-K to Grade 8 school, promotes academic excellence, athletics, and the arts with respect,compassion, and service among our diverse family, inspired by the communion of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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Faith in Action Team (FIAT)

FIAT Mission Statement

The Faith In Action Team encourages prayer and sharing of our faith in our school and our community.

FIAT strives to live and to teach others to live as Jesus taught us.

The Faith in Action Team (FIAT) is a group of students in grades 6-8 interested in sharing their faith and helping others. The goal of  FIAT is to help all students live their faith by leading through example. This group leads the school in morning and afternoon prayer each day. They are also leaders for Trinity’s annual All School Retreat.  FIAT meets every other week and works through the year providing help for various community programs.  FIAT works on a food drive for Saint Mary’s Parish Food Pantry each year.  The team also provides a meal and visits at Grace House, a local homeless shelter.  During the holiday season, FIAT participates in Saint Mary’s Giving Tree by raising money to go out and buy gifts for a family in need.

Students interested in becoming a member of FIAT submit a short essay explaining what gifts they feel they can bring to the group.  Students must attend their church regularly (students need not be Catholic to be a member of FIAT), must have a strong moral conscience, and show some leadership qualities.  Students must maintain a C or above average to remain a member of FIAT.

2017-2018 FIAT Members

Grade 6

Zachary Cournoyer

Teresita Del Valle

Payton MacDonald

Grade 7

Alexandra Bryson

Ella Favreau

Tori Fontaine

Ethan Kenny

Abraham Rosario

Terry Simon

Victoria Symock

Grade 8

Nathan Kowal

Caleb Renaud

Niko Somma